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Welcome to Annoto

Hi , it's great to have you here!

This is the place to learn all about Annoto, and find new ways to empower your learning experience!
Annoto enables time-based comments & notes on top of a video, meaning: you can ask questions, share thoughts and ideas, answer fellow learners and even maintain your own learning notebook without having to leave the video at all!


Annoto provides a one-click-away conversation with anyone on the video – instructors as well as course-mates.
You can use the Comments to:
  • Ask the instructors questions about a video
  • Share your ideas & thoughts
  • Answer other users' questions
  • Share examples
  • Add links and videos as comments
  • Read others' ideas and thoughts
  • Any other way you want to contribute to the discussion

Personal Notes

In addition, you can manage your very own personal notebook. The notes you are adding can be downloaded for your own convenience.
In your Personal Notes space you can:
  • Sum up the video
  • Highlight specific moments (important parts in the video, things you want to go back to, topics you wish to focus on, key questions for the exam, etc.)
  • Add your thoughts and insights (they will be visible only to you)
  • Save interesting comments written by other users
  • Place translations or clarifications to words, phrases or ideas in the exact place in the video that they appear
  • Do anything else that helps you study

User Space

The Annoto User Space provides a personal journal for your learning experience, as well as gathers all new activity in the course videos.
In your User Space you can:
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