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There are so many more things you can do in the comments space!
If you wish to get the gist of it, you may find it in the following image:
If you want to learn more about each option - keep reading, it's right here:

Reply to a comment

If you want to reply to a comment - all you have to do is click on REPLY below the comment, write and hit send, as you can see here:

Read replies

Whenever a comment has replies, the number of replies is mentioned below the comment. Clicking on that will open the reply so you can read it.

Like a comment

You can “like” other comments simply by clicking on the red heart near the “reply” button.
The number of "likes" a comment received is shown as well.
Whenever an instructor “likes” a learner's comment or a reply, that comment\reply is marked with “Educator’s thumbs up” (yellow medal on the comment).
As you can see in the following image:

Edit\ Delete my comment

You are free to edit or delete any comment you write, 24 hours from when it was written, as long as no one replied to this comment.
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