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Export the Notes
Your personal notes can be exported to docs or xlsx, directly from the menu (
Once you click on the “Export” button, you get to choose the format for exporting your personal notes (Spreadsheet or a document).
If you're having trouble to decide - you may export to one format and then to the other. There is no limitation for the number of times a user exports.
Each file contains:
  • Course name
  • Video name
  • A link to the video
  • Video duration
The notes are sorted chronologically, and for each comment you can see:
  • Its timetag (the time of the video it was written at)
  • The date it was written
  • The note’s sentiment (if there was any)
For a quick video of how to export your personal notes, click here.
Recommended further reading:
You can also export your entire course notes from My Space.
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