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People Space enables personal communication and networking between video viewers, as well as shows users' presence (whether they are online or offline).
Illustration: Annoto widget, People Space

People Space tabs

Clicking on People opens a space that includes 2 tabs:
  • People
  • Chat

People Tab

The People tab enables you to see all the users in the course and their presence.
Users in the People tab are in the following order:
First – all the users who are online (indicated by a green dot) – organized in alphabetical order
Then – all offline users (indicated by a gray dot) - organized in alphabetical order
Clicking on a user’s name will show the user’s details and the option to chat with them:
Of course - there is also the option to search for a specific user:
Clicking on “Chat” button opens a conversation with that person.
Click “Type a message” to chat.