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The Annoto Comments enable a discussion between all the viewers of a video - learners and instructors. Every comment that is added gets a time-tag, meaning: you can always see what specific moment in the video each comment refers to and understand its context.

If you want to add a comment, simply start typing in the "Add a comment..." section. The video will be automatically paused (so you won't miss anything while writing).

Every comment is time-tagged, meaning everything you write always has context within the video. Clicking on the time-tag of each comment takes you to the exact moment in the video it refers to.

What else can you do with a comment?

Adding a sentiment

If you wish, you can add a sentiment to your comment to indicate its type:

You may choose your sentiment by clicking on the smiley icon near the comment that you are typing, as you can see here:

Once your comment is ready, simply hit Enter, or click the send button (green arrow, as you can see in the image below):

And your comment will be added to the discussion:

Multiple lines

If you want to move to the next line in your comment, click Shift + Enter.

Rich Text messages

You can format your messages:

Ordered list (Type 1. (or any other number followed by a period) at the beginning of a new line and it will magically transform to an ordered list)

  • Bullet list (Type * , - or + at the beginning of a new line)

Shift + Enter to create a new line

  • Emojis (Add smiley faces, hearts, winks, etc. by typing their shortcuts and a space after them: :-), <3 , ;) or :p )

  • Bold - Type double asterisks for **Bold text**

  • Italic - Type underscores for _Italic Text_

  • Highlight - Type equal signs ==like this== to highlight

  • Blockquote - Type > at the beginning of a new line

Mention a user

Whenever the People Space is enabled on the widget, you can mention a user in the Comments Space by using '@' .

To mention someone, type '@' in the editor, then start typing their name. Next, choose the person you want to mention from the list of suggestions.

Write anonymously

In some cases, learners have the ability to post questions or comments anonymously. In this case, only instructors will see the user's name.

Writing anonymously is done by clicking on the mask icon above "Add a comment":

Want to watch a video that shows how to post anonymously? Click here

In the following images you can see how fellow learners see anonymous comments and how instructors view them:

Adding an external video as a comment

In order to add a video in your comment:

  1. Go to the video you would like to add

  2. Copy the video's link (URL)

  3. Go to "Add a comment" in Annoto (you may either write a comment in addition to the video, or not - as you wish)

  4. Paste the video's link (URL)

  5. Hit "send"

The video will be embedded in the discussion, as you can see here:

You may also see how to do so in this video.

Recommended further reading:

You can see your entire course activity in My Space

Recording video as a comment

When Video as a Comment is enabled, Annoto users can reply not only with text, but also in any of the following recording options:

  • Self-recording (camera)

  • Screen recording

And just like everything that happens in Annoto, this ability is performed within your LMS (without having to go to a different platform) and without the need to download anything.

How to record?

In order to record a video as your comment:

  1. Click “Add a comment” in the Annoto widget

2. Click the video camera icon:

3. Choose what you want to record: Camera or Screen

4. Select the settings (Microphone? camera)

If you chose Camera – you will see on the left bottom a screen of what will be recorded


6. You can pause the recording anytime by clicking the Pause button and you can continue recording by clicking on the red button:

7. Whenever you want to end the recording, click on the Stop button:

8. Now you can choose what you want to do with the recording:

a. Post – will add the video as a comment

b. Click the X button – will not save the video

If you clicked the X button, and want to record again, click on the video camera icon in the comment and start recording.

The video will be added to the discussion, as you can see here:

You may also see how to do so in this video.

Checklist for recording a video as a comment

In order to record a video as a comment, there is no need to download anything or go to a different platform. Everything is within your environment!

If you want to make sure everything is set up to record, feel free to check out this list:

  • Internet connection – Internet connection must be stable

    • Make sure you have a 0.5 Mbps (500K) internet speed

    • You can check your internet speed here

    • If possible, a wired connection is preferred

Equipment (Camera\ Microphone)

  • Make sure you are not currently using your camera in a different app (a camera can be used only in one application at a time)

  • Make sure your browser permissions allow using the Microphone and Camera

    • If you need to enable your microphone and camera and no prompt is shown, you can see how to set it here

    • If a prompt shows up, make sure to allow using the camera and microphone:

  • Browser

    • Make sure your browser is always up to date. If you are not sure, feel free to check it here

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