Add a Personal Note

The Personal Notes space in Annoto is 100% yours, to summarize, bookmark and highlight everything you want in the video. Nobody else will be able to view the content of this space.

If you want to add a personal note, all you have to do is start typing in the "Write a personal note..." section. The video will be automatically paused (so you won't miss anything while writing).

Just like in the Comments Space, every note is time-tagged, meaning everything you write always has context within the video. Clicking on the time-tag of each comment takes you to the exact moment in the video it refers to.

What else can you do with a note?

Adding a sentiment

Each note can get a sentiment, just like in the Sentiments in the Comments Space

Once your note is ready, simply hit Enter, or click the send button (green arrow, as you can see in the image below):

Multiple lines

If you wish to move to the next line in your note, click Shift + Enter.

Rich text messages

You can format your messages:

Ordered list (Type 1. (or any other number followed by a period) at the beginning of a new line and it will magically transform to an ordered list)

  • Bullet list (Type * , - or + at the beginning of a new line)

Shift + Enter to create a new line

  • Emojis (Add smiley faces, hearts, winks etc. by typing their shortcuts and a space after them: :-), <3 , ;) or :p )

  • Bold - Type double asterisks for **Bold text**

  • Italic - Type underscores for _Italic Text_

  • Highlight - Type equal signs ==like this== to highlight

  • Blockquote - Type > at the beginning of a new line

Adding a video as a note

You can also add videos as your personal notes

Adding a video as a note is done the same way as adding a video as a comment

The video will be embedded in your personal notebook, as you can see here:

Recommended further reading: Timing is everything

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