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Follow the discussion
You can stay on top of things by following the discussion.
Following a discussion means you will receive notification email whenever someone replies to your comments in a discussion or whenever a new comment is added in the video.
By default, you will not be notified of new comments.
Following a discussion is by either of the following:
  • Adding a comment in the Comments space (once you add a comment in the shared comments area in a specific video, you will be notified on new comments created in this video).
  • Following a video via the Annoto menu
You can follow the video discussion without adding a new comment by clicking the Bell icon in the Annoto menu:
Click on the bell icon in order to follow the discussion.
When the bell is green, it means you are following the discussion (meaning: you will get notification email for new comments and replies in the video).
When the bell is clear, it means you are NOT following the discussion (meaning: you will not get any notification email for new comments and\or replies in the video).
You can choose which notification you will get from Annoto (all comments\ only replies to your comments) by clicking on “Preferences” in the Annoto menu:
If you would like to stop receiving notifications for a specific video, click the bell icon so it will be clear :
Note: if you disable notifications in the preferences, you will no longer receive any emails for any of the new comments in the video.
Recommended further reading:
You can also follow the course activity in your Activity Feed.
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