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Follow the discussion

You can stay on top of things by following the discussion.
Following a discussion means you will receive notification email whenever someone replies to your comments in a discussion or whenever a new comment is added in the video.
By default, you will not be notified of new comments, so you must manually do this if you wish.
Following a discussion is done by either of the following:
  • Adding a comment in the Comments Space (once you add a comment in the shared comments area of a specific video, you will be notified of new comments created on this video).
  • Following a video via the Annoto menu
You can follow the video discussion without adding a new comment by clicking the Bell icon in the Annoto menu:
Click on the bell icon in order to follow the discussion.
When the bell is green, it means you are following the discussion (meaning: you will get notification emails for new comments and replies on the video).
When the bell is clear, it means you are NOT following the discussion (meaning: you will not get any notification emails for new comments and/ or replies on the video).

Notifications' preferences

You can enable/disable which email notification you will get from Annoto in "my Space". Accessing it is from the Annoto menu:
Choose which email notifications you would like to receive:
  • Followed Discussions - once enabled, you will be notified on new comments and replies in this discussion (video)
  • Replies - once enabled, you will be notified when a comment you wrote received a reply
  • Mentions - once enabled, you will be notified on comments that you are mentioned in
Toggle right (green) = Enabled
Toggle left (grey) = Disabled

Disabling notifications

If you would like to stop receiving notifications for a specific video, click the bell icon so it will be clear :
Note: if you disable notifications in the preferences, you will no longer receive any emails for any of the new comments on the video.
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