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The Annoto widget includes all kinds of ways to personalize the way you view the discussion.

Widget sizes

The Annoto widget has 3 sizes:

Mini mode

This is the discussion bubble icon at the side of the video. It can be positioned on the right, or on the left\ up or down, but it is easy to spot, especially if there are already comments in the discussion. In this case, the bubble even presents the number of comments in the discussion.

Kuku mode

With the Kuku mode you see only the comments that are relevant to the moment in the video that you are watching. No distractions!
You can get to the Kuku mode simply by clicking on the Annoto minimize button when the widget is open:

Full mode

The Annoto widget full mode enables you to view the entire discussion in the video and, of course, to be an active part of it.
You can get to the full mode simply by clicking on the Annoto icon (when the widget is in mini mode) or by clicking on the open button (when the widget is in kuku mode)

Widget position

Once the widget is open - you are free to place it wherever you want, simply by clicking and dragging it from the menu bar (at the top of the widget)
You can also resize the widget by dragging a corner or a side of the widget

Discussion sorting

You can sort the discussion to your choice.
To know all you need you know about sorting, click here.
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