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Who can see my personal notes?

Nobody but you! The personal notes are 100% private. If you want others to see what you wrote, you can export your personal notes and send the exported file to whoever you want.

Who can see my comments?

Once you add a comment in the Comments space, everyone that watches the video (instructor + other learners) can see what you wrote.

Who can reply to my comments?

Everyone. In the discussion that takes place in the comments space, everyone can reply to you - both the instructor and other learners. Feel free to reply to other users as well.

‌Can I edit\ delete my personal notes and comments?

Yes! Anyone can edit\ delete a comment that he wrote in the Comments space within 24 hours after it was written, unless someone already replied to the comment.
Instructors have the ability to delete comments made by others (in case they are inappropriate).

How do I add a new line in comments/notes/messages?

It is useful to format the message by adding new line, for example to add bullets or ordered lists, or just to start a new line of text.
Shift + Enter will add a new line
For bullets, Shift + Enter opens the next bulleted line.
Clicking Shift + Enter twice will start another line in the comment with no bullet:

Why can't I edit\ delete my comment?

If you are unable to edit your comment or delete it, it is probably because one of the following happened:
  • More than 24 hours have passed since you wrote the comment
  • Someone already replied to your comment

Can I disable my email notifications?

‌Yes. Go to the Annoto menu and un-follow the discussion (clicking on the green bell to make it clear)

Does Annoto work on Mobile?

‌Yes, Annoto is web responsive and supports mobile/tablets.

What browsers are supported?

Annoto supports all major web browsers:
  • Chrome
  • Safari
  • Microsoft Edge
  • Firefox

Adding a recorded video as a comment

My Video as a comment did not work. Why?

Make sure everything is set up correctly to enable recording video as a comment. You can learn all about it in the "Recording video as a comment checklist" checklist here.

I'm getting an error when trying to play a video as a comment, why?

Once a video is recorded and uploaded, it takes a few seconds to process it. In case you try to play the video before processing is over, you will get an error saying: "No source video was found - Entry in process". Like this:
Not to worry! Wait a bit and then play the video again.
If you still experience issues, we are here for you! Contact us at: [email protected]
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